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  • Who can compete in Musika Moana Choir Competition?
    This competition is for pacific choirs from pacific communities across New Zealand. Whether they are from church, performing arts groups, community choirs, and any other community. The choir just needs to be made up of at least 90% singers of pacific heritage. Note that school groups (i.e. groups that represent either a primary, intermediate or high-school) are not eligible to participate at this stage.
  • What if my choir is not from a church community, but is still pacific?
    Yes, your group is eligible to participate in Musika Moana. Note that school groups are not eligible to participate at this stage.
  • Can choirs outside of Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington compete?
    Absolutely! Choirs from pacific communities across all of Aotearoa are encouraged to participate. Note you can only compete in one regional competition. Please make sure to check out the competition rules to ensure your choir is able to meet the conditions of entry.
  • My choir isn't really that serious so I'm not sure if this competition is for us?
    Although this is a 'competition', the main goal for us is participation and connecting our pasifika communities in a fun and exciting manner. Musika Moana is for choirs of all abilities - we already have a good mix of choirs registered to compete..... So what are you waiting for? Register your group now!😎
  • Can school groups compete?
    Not right now. Given the limited amount of spots available, we have made the decision to exclude school groups from being able to participate in the Musika Moana Choir Competition. Our target audience for this is established pacific community groups such as church groups and other non-school community groups. There is no age limit for participants, so school students can still be a part of eligible groups.
  • Can I enter in more than one competition?
    No, a group can only enter in one regional contest.
  • What can the prize money be used for?
    If your choir is awarded prize money, then the money is to be used to go toward community development initiatives and projects, and not for personal gain. Our intention is for the winnings to go towards something that helps your community achieve their goals. Press the 'Competition Rules' button below for more information.
  • What songs do we need to sing?
    Each group will be required to perform 2 songs: The official Musika Moana competition song (which will be released to registered choirs on 5 July) A choice piece - a song of the group's choosing. Click the 'Competition Rules' button below to see the full rules and conditions of entry.
  • How does the prize money work?
    There is a total prize pool of $100,000. Meaning that across all 3 regional contests (Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) the prize money will be split up (e.g. ~$33k in prize money for each contest) and the top placing choirs from each regional contest will receive prize money, proportionate to their placing (i.e. 1st place will receive the greatest amount, followed by 2nd, etc). The intent of the prize money is that it will go towards community development initiatives. Whether it be music equipment, maintenance and repair work of facilities, scholarships, it needs to go towards anything that contributes positively to the community group.
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