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Using our voices to make a difference

The Musika Moana Choir Competition is a new and exciting event, inviting pacific choirs from across New Zealand to celebrate their rich and diverse culture through the power of harmony.



What is the Musika Moana Choir Competition?

The Musika Moana Choir Competition was created to celebrate the cultural significance of singing by providing a platform for Pacific choirs to showcase their talents and celebrate their rich culture. Through this competition, the power of singing is celebrated and our Pacific voices are elevated. With three regional contests being held across Aotearoa, in some of the country's most prestigious venues, pacific choirs compete for combined prize pool of $100,000.

Why a Choir Competition?

Singing in choirs is a special way to connect with our culture, express our emotions and share our stories. It has a unique ability to bring together individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to create beautiful harmonies, fostering a strong sense of unity. By bringing together the power of harmony, the immense talent within our pacific communities and providing them the opportunity to perform on some of NZ's premier concert stages, we are excited for the impact Musika Moana will have for our pacific people for generations to come.

 regional contests

Contests held in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington mean pacific choirs from across NZ can participate.

Two songs

Each choir will be required to sing 2 songs:

  • The official competition song; and

  • A song of their choice (choice piece)

prize pool

A total prize pool of $100,000, to be awarded to the top choirs of each regional contest. Prize money is to go towards community development initiatives.

top choirs

The top choirs from each regional contest (decided by the judging panel and organisers) will then qualify for the Musika Moana Finale.



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